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  • Video Production Pre Production  Melbourne

    Pre Production:
    - Pitch Drafting & Submission
    - Script Writing
    - Storyboarding
    - Copy Generation

  • Video Production Filming Melbourne

    - Direction
    - Director of Photography (Camera op)
    - Lighting & Grip
    - Hair & Makeup
    - Data storage and management

  • Video Production Editing Melbourne

    Post and delivery:
    - Editing
    - Colour Grading
    - Visual Effects
    - Motion Graphics
    - Digital Illustration
    - Sound Design

    And many more services.

Special pricing for Realestate companies

We put together some atractive subscription as well as one video only pricing for realestate companies of any size. Each plan can be customized to suit your needs so don't hesitate to contact us today!


Starting at
  • 1 x 1 min and 1 x 30 sec property tour videos
  • 1 x auction live stream to YouTube only
  • 4K resolution raw file and final project delivery
  • Basic video editing with basic colour grading (includes 1x free revision for each video) with footage recorded in ProRes 422
  • Includes royalty free music licence for use on any platform worldwide
  • Up to 2K drone footage (1 flight only).


Starting at
  • 4x 1-1.5 min property tour videos
  • 2 x live streamed auctionto to 1 x platform (choice of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo)
  • Advanced custom approach to video editing and colour grade with all footage recorded in BRAW or ProRes HQ (client's choice)
  • Up to 4K drone footage for all 6 properties
  • Addons available such as extra camera men for live auction, actors for property tour's and more.

All prices are including GST (10%), are subject to change and are an indication only.

Sample realestate videos

Villa Alta Vista Opatija Croatia Five Motion video production Melbourne